Lending Team aims to make your lending experience go as easy and smooth as possible. Our mortgage professionals are here to guide you and answer your questions.

Communicate your goals

We want to know what you are trying to achieve financially and how homeownership fits into that picture. Discuss these goals openly with your loan officer, so that we can find the best mortgage or loan product that meets your needs.

Assemble required documentation

After you've discussed your needs, your loan officer will suggest certain loan products and explain what documentation is needed to proceed. These include W-2s, pay stubs, proof of employment, bank statements, and the like. Your loan officer also will provide some documents that you will need to complete and sign.

Order an appraisal

If an appraisal is necessary, Lending Team will order one from a state-certified appraiser. We will use the assessment of your property to help underwrite your file. Your loan is then sent to our processing department where we will gather additional documentation from third parties, such as your insurance agent and employer, to verify information. Once verified, the processing department will send your file to one of our underwriters who will ensure your file is complete.

Set up the closing

After the underwriter approves the loan, we will schedule the final step: the closing, during which you will sign all final paperwork and ownership of the property is transferred to you. The closing will be scheduled at a time and place convenient for you.

Lending Team is committed to ensuring the smoothest experience possible for borrowers, from initial consultation through documentation through closing. We are here for you every step of the way.

Our process is simple and secure.

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